apply law of attraction
It doesn’t do you really any good to know what the Law of Attraction is if you don’t understqand how to apply it in order to accomplish success in your personal life. Once you’ve perfected the fundamentals of Law of Attraction, you can apply it to any area of your life.

Apply the Law of Attraction

The first step in discovering success through the law of attraction is this: take responsibility for the affairs that have taken place in your life, both good and bad.

This is certainly the hardest part of accomplishing success through manifestation, since we’re taught from childhood to think that our surroundings determine our lives, rather than something within. It is extremely tough to accept the responsibility and recognize the reality that your environment wasn’t the starring contributing element to your life; instead, it is you yourself that attracts the circumstances.

Let’s try an exercise to delve a little deeper into this.  Grap a pen and paper and jot down each one of the major issues in your life (both “good” and “bad”). Leave plenty of room underneath each one of them for notes.

Now, take a minute to travel backward and re-live these issues in your mind. Write what you were experiencing at that time they occurred, how you felt just before and as it happened,  and what issues had happened prior to this.  Try to make a note of how you were feeling and what you were thinking about frequently during these times, especially the time leading up to the ‘events.’

Just go through and really try to remember what you were concentrating on and what your emotional state was – not after the evnets, but before them.  Let it flow, don’t censor yourself.

When you are done, read back through your list. Any patterns there?  Odds are you’re going to discover that events you considered favorable were preceded by a postive outlook, a peaceful and happy state of mind, and a grateful attitude. Conversely, you will likely see that times of emotional lows and worry were followed by events or issues you view as bad or unfavorable. Coincidence?

This is tough, and very hard to accept if you are new to this way of thinking.  But once you’ve acknowledged the truth that you’re responsible for your own destiny, you can the take the next step and find out what it is about your life that you’d like to change.

What Do You Want?

Do you want a different occupation? To relocate to a new home? To find a meaningful relationship? State those things you want to accomplish and write them down.  Go into detail.  Place your list where you will see it frequently.  You want to keep these things foremost in your mind, so keeping a visual reminder close is a great first step towards letting the universe know waht you want.

Think about this a while, making sure that it’s planted firmly in your mind, and keep your goals specific; making a goal too large or general is an almost sure guarantee that you’ll not accomplish it because you will be overly occupied worrying about how you’re going to accomplish it.

Bring up your vibrations so that they’re all positive.   Review the first lessons (What is the Law of Attraction? and More about Vibrations and the Law of Attraction) to find out more about vibrations.

Behave and feel as if you’re confident that the final outcome you’re hoping for is certainly going to take place.  This is a crucial element of the Law of Attraction,   because it’s really easy to let your thoughts start to drift to all the troubles which you may come across when attempting to accomplish your goals. This can make your vibes become negative and will work against you instead of for you.

Accept it so that it may take place. Most times, your subconscious thoughts are our very own stumbling block. You will be endeavoring to convince your conscious mind that something can occur, while simultaneously your subconscious thoughts are selecting the reason why that it’ll never work.

To be able to assist yourself past this stumbling block, just keep reminding yourslef of the goals.  You do have that page where you see it every day, right?

I’ve always felt that you should make your statements in the first person, as in “My new job is on its way” or “I am healthy and fit and keep myself that way.”   However, for some people, this is hard to accept at first . Below is a suggestion from a different perspective that has been successful for some.  I recommend seeing which ‘resontates’ with you.

It’s suggested that you compose these statements in the third person instead of the first; it’s oftentimes hard for the mind to accept something as truth when it is cast this kind of relative terms when I, me or my. By way of example, if you are attempting to discover a new line of work you might state, “Millions of individuals each year operate in lines of work which will make them happy.” if you are trying to embark on a meaningful relationship you may possibly state, “Millions of individuals around the globe are finding their soul mate and are also presently happily settled in established relationships”.


The purpose of composing these statements will be cast the negative vibrations and questions from your mind. If you are not able to accept the result as reality, your subconscious is certainly going to put forward yet another result. It’s likely to be this result that your mind and body focus on. Consequently, this outcome is will be the one which will become your reality and you’ll walk away utterly sure that the law of attraction is absolutely untrue.

We will go over some other techniques in upcoming lessons, such as visualization, vision boards and more.