The Law of Attraction, and visualization, is certainly not a new concept, and there are many historical texts on the subject worth checking into. While the term “law of attraction” is not necessarily used, these authors discuss the concepts that we practice today.

Henry Thomas (HT) Hamblin was an English author, mystic and teacher who lived from 1873 – 1958. He was the author of numerous books and essays on personal power and the power of thought and spirit.

Hamblin believed that “abounding health, sufficiency of supply, achievement, accomplishment and joy indescribable are the normal state for man.” This state of abundance in all areas is the promise of the law of attraction.

Hamblin believed that to get there, we have to get into “harmony with Cosmic Law.” In other words, our vibrations need to match that which we are seeking.

HT Hamblin Understood the Importance of Visualization

In his classic Dynamic Thought book(s), Hamblin stresses the importance of thought and visualizing in achieving that which we desire. He calls this “right thinking.” He describes how to achieve this in an exercise from his book.  This is shown below.  Remember, it was written in 1921, so it may seem a little difficult to read at first, but read through each piece several times to get what he is saying.

Make denials and affirmations to suit your particular needs. Whatever you desire to do, affirm beforehand that you can do it, and that you will do it when the time for doing comes. Whatever disagreeable or difficult duty lies before you, deny failure, and affirm beforehand that you can and will do it, that already in your Mental World it is accomplished; then visualize yourself doing the thing calmly and without effort. JT Hamblin - classic law of attraction visualization exerciseMentally see yourself dealing with a difficult or unpleasant matter, with calm dignity and ease. When the time for action arrives you will succeed.

Concentrate your whole attention upon the meditations. If you find your thoughts wandering through lack of concentrative power make use of the following denial and affirmation. First of all cleanse the mind by the denial of evil and calm and strengthen it by the affirmation of good. You have by so doing raised yourself into your perfect Mental World, breathing the pure air of perfect mental freedom.

Now say, “Mind wandering cannot affect me. I am a perfect MIND, part of the great Universal Mind that is everywhere and works in and through everything. Therefore my mental powers are perfect. It was a mistake that made me think I could not concentrate; it was simply a delusion of the physical senses. Now I know that this could never be, because I am a perfect Mind gifted with God-like powers.” Now affirm as follows: “Now I know that I can concentrate on any subject I please. My potential powers are infinite, I have only to develop them, I have only to ‘try’ and I must succeed.” Working in this way you will develop tremendous powers of Concentration.

Note how Hamblin stresses visualizing achieving your goal calmly and without effort. He is telling us that this is easy, when we are in the right frame of mind. He goes on with suggestions of how to get there, reminding us that we are all part of the universe, or universal mind. He continues this theme of our inter-connectedness in the new passage:

I send out my thoughts to all mankind and say: “Dear everybody, I love you.” Like the beams of a searchlight my mental vision sweeps over all the continents and islands of the world, and visualizes all peoples, sending out to them a great beam of Love and Blessedness. Then it takes in all sky and sun and earth and sea, and the sweet breath of heaven. It embraces all animals and flowers and loveliness, it sweeps through a thousand sunsets and a million dew-washed fragrant dawns back to the one Source of all life–again affirming, “I love you, I love you.” Then into my heart flows a great wave of divinest peace, a great inrush of the accumulated love-force of the invisible Universe, I become submerged in a sea of Infinite Blessedness. Thus in blessing others do I help to make the world a little better, and in return I am doubly blessed.

Hamblin covers several concepts we discuss today in that one passage. He confirms the connectedness of all of us. He sends blessings to all, portraying the abundance mentality – there is more than enough for everyone. And perhaps most importantly, he expresses profound gratitude for his many blessings.

This last section gets into the visualization exercise itself. Read through it a few times to understand what Hamblin is teaching. This exercise is quite good for improving your visualization skills, which are critical to manifesting your reality.

For this week’s visualizing exercise take six small articles and examine them very carefully one at a time. For instance, if one article is a lead pencil, look at it and see in what respects it differs from other lead pencils. visualization exerciseYou notice its color; its shape, either round, hexagon or oval; its point, well sharpened or otherwise; the maker’s name and trade-mark; what kind of lead, either BB, B or JIB; the name of the pencil itself; its condition, scratches on the surface of the polish; all these and many other points should be minutely noticed. Examine each article in turn and just as minutely. When you have examined them all, shut your eyes and visualize each article, and see every point and peculiarity in your mind’s eye, just as you did with your physical sight. Change the articles for new ones from day to day.

If you lack knowledge of a certain subject and desire to gain this knowledge, then tell your subliminal mind what it is that you require; it will then either supply direct the knowledge that you need or bring to your notice the very book or course of lessons that you require. Also in solving your problems your subliminal mind may bring a sentence to your notice, which, directly you read it, tells you that it is the answer to your riddle. The more you can quieten the senses and the objective mind and rely upon your subliminal mind the greater will be your wisdom and understanding.

In the letter I have sent you this week I speak of visualizing and affirming the success that you desire to demonstrate, in the same way hold the picture of perfect health ever before your mind. Let it be a constant inspiration and source of radiant joy.

Try this exercise for a week or two. The focus on visualization of simple objects will improve your ability to visualize the other things you want in your life.