The Law of Attraction definition is both simple and complex at the same time.   A basic law of attraction definition is that it is a universal law which states that we attract things, circumstances and people into our lives based on that which we focus our attention on and that which we are in vibration with. Put even more simply – like attracts like.

This is a universal law because it doesn’t matter who you are, what your religious beliefs are, where you live or where you were born. This law is true for all people equally. It is just as true as Newton’s Law of Gravity.

The law of attraction definition – Attention

The majority of us go through life attracting things “by default” rather than by concious choice. We just sort of go about our daily existence and focus on problems that need solving, or we focus on things that don’t seem right or feel good. By doing this, we actually end up creating more problems.

All of our energy and foucs is going towards problems, issues, stress negative thoughts and emotions, etc.  Because our attention is focused on what we don’t want rather than what we do, we attract what we don’t want!

The law of attraction definition – Vibrations

Not only that, by concentrating on these ‘negative’ thoughts and stresses, we begin to pick up and send out negative vibrations.  Since like attracts like, this negativity attracts what? Yep, more negativity. The law of attraction definition emphasizes this.

We generally are not doing this conciously. The law just works, whether we think about it or not.  I never think about the law of gravity keeping me on the ground with each step I take.  But that is exactly what gravity does.  And just like the law of gravity, the law of attraction is a universal law and is at work in your life whether you think about it, or even believe it, or not.

We are very powerful attractors as human beings. We can learn to conciously use the law to attract the things we want in life by simply paying attention to where we put our thoughts and desires.

Most of the time, we believe we are thinking with our mind when often it is actually from the heart. This is where we do our believing, thinking and our “vibrating“. Therefore, we attract from our heart. Think of your heart as a very powerful magnet. It is the “vibrator” that attracts all signals.

When we focus on the things we want, by visualizing and forming a clear picture, and then attaching emotion to that picture, we begin to raise our vibrations to a higher level. As our vibrations become higher, we in turn begin attracting circumstances and people into our lives that also vibrate at this higher level.

So you see, the law of attraction definition is quite simple: like attracts like. It’s putting this into practice that we tend to overcomplicate!


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