About Attractionicity and Our Site

Law of Attraction MeditationsAttractionicity.com is run by Dave Linn, a long-time Law of Attraction enthusiast and meditator. He has spent many years studying Binaural Beats as an adjunct to meditation.  Dave is nearing completion of his Life Coach Certification, and will soon begin Certified Hypnotherapist Certification training.

Additionally, Dave is a part-time musician and studio engineer. These decades of recording experience, along with his studies, have led him to create some of the finest binaural beat recordings available.

These soundtracks begin with extremely high quality recordings of natural sounds. The binaural beats are generated using professional quality tone generators.

The subliminal tracks, likewise, are recorded on studio quality equipment. The final tracks are then mixed down on studio quality gear using high end audio software, resulting in top notch meditation tracks which can help you easily achieve a meditative state, giving you a way of increasing your ability to use the Law of Attraction, and move towards attaining the life of your dreams.

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