Creative Visualization Is Working For You or Against You!

Creative Visualization is at work right now, because the Law of Attraction is an absolute law. It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not.  It’s still affecting you every single day.

So how does creative visualization come into this? The Law of Attraction tells us that we attract what we think about the most. So, of course, that means if we think about how bad things are, we attract more bad things. We are using visualization, but we are visualizing negative things.  This visualization likely has strong emotions attached to it, making the power to attract more of these things we don’t want that much stronger.

Conversely, if we think about the good things, we attract more good things. If our thoughts (visualization) are constantly on positive things, things that we desire, then the Law of Attraction brings more of that to us.

Creative Visualization allows you to take advantage of the law of attraction.  It helps you to focus on the good things, and not the bad. Therefore you’re attracting more good things into your life.

Creative Visualization Exercise

An Orange Can Teach You Creative Visualization!

Creative Visualization Exercise:

Follow this easy exercise to learn how to visualize:

Begin by sitting comfortably or even lying down if you prefer. Close your eyes and take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Take slow deep breaths, inhaling slowly, and exhaling at the same rate. Try to relax and let your muscles go loose.

When you feel relaxed, begin to think of an orange. We’ll use an orange in this Law of Attraction visualization exercise as everyone is familiar with this common fruit.

Visualization begins with the ‘visual.’  Start by imagining, in your mind’s eye, what the orange looks like – its shape, its texture, its color.  Are there any flaws in the skin? Is there perhaps a label stuck on it from the grocery store?  Try to ‘see’ the orange as fully as you can in your imagination.

But visualization involves more than just seeing.  Use your other senses.  ‘Feel’ the orange in your hand. Imagine that you can feel the slightly rough texture. Feel the shape of the orange , is it perfectly round or slightly misshapen?

Involve Senses and Emotions in Creative Visualization

Effective visualization uses as many senses as possible.  Now imagine that you can smell the orange. Everyone’s familiar with the smell , and it often evokes memories in people. Does it remind you of anything? Fresh squeezed orange juice at grandma’s ? Perhaps a stop at the roadside produce stand on the way home from a trip to Florida? Try to immerse yourself in the smell of the orange.

Your visualization is stronger now, but you can involve even more senses.  At this point, you can almost ‘taste’  the orange. Visualize tearing the orange in half.  ‘Feel’ the juice running on your hands.  Now bite into it.  Experience that sweet citrus taste. Imagine that slight burn, slightly sour and sweet at the same time. Does this bring back any memories? If it does, experience them as completely as you can.

The most effective form of creative visualization moves beyond the senses as well, to the core of your emotions.  Feel the emotions as strongly as you can.  This is perhaps the most important component of using visualization with Law of Attraction.  This gives power to your visualizations, and is the focusing lens in manifesting what you desire.  ‘See’ what you desire, then imagine how you will feel when you have obtained it.  See it as yours now, and experience the joy or peace or satisfaction that comes with it.

The more intense that you can see and smell and taste and feel the orange, or anything else, the stronger your visualization will become. If you can immerse yourself fully in the feelings that are evoked by the sights and smells and sounds and tastes in your mind, you will become more successful in obtaining the things you desire.

Practicing Creative Visualization Is Important

I suggest that you practice this visualization  exercise regularly,  two or three times a day if possible,  but at least once a day, until you feel fully confident your ability to totally immerse yourself in the orange.

As you get better at your visualization efforts, begin to imagine something that you want. Imagine how it looks, how it feels, the sounds or taste or smells associated with it.

More importantly, imagine the emotions, the feelings, the joy, the peace, you feel when you obtain what is you desire. These feelings, these emotions will make your visualizations even more powerful.

Practice this creative visualization exercise often, imagine what you want, see it, feel it, taste it, hear it, smell it, and it can be yours.  Happy manifesting . Oh, and don’t be surprised if somebody offers you an orange soon : )